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Until I Die: Revenants Series, Book 2

Until I Die (Audio) - Amy Plum I had not expected to enjoy this book as much as I did. That surprise in and of itself grants an entire from me.

The story starts out well enough, with our main characters in the midst of normal life. But things pick up quickly, making for some suspense and mystery. There are more surprises in store.

The plot is much better in this installment. There's a point to the action, and there is good action which is well-paced. I didn't get bored, and I had a hard time figuring out who the bad guy was. Points for maintaining the mystery, Amy Plum, because I'm pretty good at guessing the answers.

As for the characters - well, of course Vincent remains the absolute perfect, romantic, adorable, good-looking, amazing boyfriend ever invented. Plus he's French and he says things like "mon ange" (my angel), so nuff said there. Kate is the girlfriend he may or may not deserve; she's no dummy, but she does tend to act based on questionable conclusions. Georgia is wonderful and we get to know her a little better; she's not quite the dumb blonde she was in the first book, although she is pretty stupid at the end. Jules, Charlotte, JB, and Gaspar remain their steady selves. Artur and Violette are some nice additions, and they add a well-rounded flavor to the plot. And Ambrose is his usual entertaining self.

This installment ends with a shocker cliffhanger ending, although it wasn't quite the jaw-dropper I thought it would be. Amy Plum may send us over the edge, but she does at least leave us hanging by a thread. This is a great setup for the final book.

The audio narrator for this book is Julia Whelan. With the audio you get the added bonus of her version of French accents for everyone. Her characterizations are good. So while she's not the most amazing, off-the-charts narrator ever, she is still very good.

I will say that this book is markedly better than the first. If the third book continues on this path, Amy Plum will have an excellent series on her hands.