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Level 2: Memory Chronicles

Level 2: Memory Chronicles (Audio) - Lenore Appelhans I just finished this book, and find myself wondering . . . what did I just read? Huh?

The idea is great: sharing memories over an interface, bad guys wanting power, and especially sweet were the relationships between Felicia, Neil and Julian. Felicia's life was very interesting with the whole foreign service thing.

So what's not to like? Well, several things. First off, I have a complete disconnect between the afterlife and technology. The afterlife is spiritual, unrelated to the body or the physical world. Technology is all about the physical world. So trying to marry the two just didn't work for me.

Secondly, I had a couple of problems with the ending. So Julian, out of nowhere, decides to sacrifice himself for Felicia so she can have Neil? What? Why? He just magically turned into a good guy? And then the whole "moving on" thing - it sounded like Felicia and Neil just got bored and decided to upgrade their experience. It cheapened the afterlife.

Thirdly, Felicia herself proved to be a bit of an enigma to me. She's smart, focused, well-behaved. And then she's not. She is responsible, a good student, a good friend - and then she cuts and runs? Doing things she knew were destructive and wrong? These things seemed to happen simultaneously. We get a glimpse of her mother being demanding and ordered, and then poof! What mother?

And what was with her taking all her clothes off so she could confess to Neil? I didn't understand the point of that at all - and believe me, I was reaching. Did she feel she had to completely bare herself as well as her soul? Where did she get that idea? And what was with the whole making out thing that started to happen before she told him everything? None of that made any sense to me at all.

I think that's my main problem with this book. Really good ideas were introduced, touched on, and then were gone with no explanation or connection to the plot. Just when something would start to make sense, it would change and something new would get introduced.

Maybe it's that I haven't read enough books about angels, enough to get a feel for what should be expected in that genre. I can tell you, though, that angels and Morati (were they demons? Were they angels?) having a war in someone's consciousness made absolutely zero sense to me.

I'll be interested to hear more from this author. Hopefully whatever she does next will make more sense than this did.