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Opal  - Justine Eyre, Jennifer L. Armentrout Here we are again with Kat and Daemon, and their relationship seems to have settled into something more reasonable than [b:Obsidian|12578077|Obsidian (Lux, #1)|Jennifer L. Armentrout|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1328275091s/12578077.jpg|17588854], where we began. Their initial squabbling has finally developed into friendly banter. It's about time.

The setting continues here, but of course there are new developments. Kat gets more comfortable with her powers, and grows as a hybrid. The Arum, who were the original bad guys, really take a back seat to the Department of Defense. I still can't figure out why nobody in this tiny West Virginia town has an accent.

Armentrout is good with her descriptions of the town and the respective houses where the characters live. I got a great sense of the schools, the cars, the restaurant. It was easy to see all these places in my mind's eye.

The plot: it was interesting, and of course there's a cliffhanger that is disturbing. I did not see it coming at all. There were some conflicts that happened that were unpredictable as well. Suffice to say that it's a good plot, and the continuing story just gets more interesting. The action here was very good. I especially loved the scene where Kat breaks up a fight between brothers.

Kat as a character is still somewhat of an intelligent girl making stupid decisions. Daemon is a wonderful hot guy in all the right ways. His protective side really comes through in this story, and not just of his family but of Kat. The romance is steamy and yet appropriate for the story.

My only problems were minor. Firstly, we have an absentee mother. OK, she works all the time, but I'm not sure any reasonable parent would give her child so much freedom and independence. Her absence seemed way too much of a plot device rather than a real situation. Secondly, I have trouble with Kat's character. She seems far too much of a rough person in action while being compassionate and even shy. I've had this problem with her all along, in each of the books in this series. How is it that a bookworm who is unsure of herself be so confident as to give the neighbor the finger and use such bad language? This seems like a total contradiction to me. It's not enough to totally put me off, but it is hard to reconcile the two things. And lastly, the euphemisms are way overused.

After listening to Obsidian on audio, I switched to print for this book. Justine Eyre narrates all the books in this series. But I do not like her voice at all. She has one of those high-class whines that just don't suit the characters at all. This is definitely a book better read in print.

After the cliffhanger, I'm anxious for the next book. It will be interesting to see how Armentrout gets Kat out of a sticky situation. And the romance alone makes this series simply irresistable.