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A Certain Slant of Light - Lauren Molina, Laura Whitcomb Finally, a book with a happy ending.

Here is a romance with a fair amount of drama. It is decidedly not young adult if you're talking tweens or middle school, because of the sex and language. But it is a decent high schooler's story. And it addresses a few topics, albeit lightly, with which teenagers deal.

Although I got somewhat impatient with the pacing, I think that was really more about suspense. It didn't feel contrived, it felt purposeful. It was only the ending where Helena was speaking to Jenny in the bathtub, telling her to "fight" that felt a bit forced. I understand other reviewer's feelings about the ending. But the author has the freedom to create whatever kind of a world she wants, so you can't really fault her there.

I think the best part for me was when Billy meets Jenny for the first time, the actual Billy and the actual Jenny. That was sweet.

I haven't checked yet to see if there are sequels, but I hope they will deal with the characters who remained. That could prove to be an interesting story as well.

Two more highly personal things of note: My name is Jenifer Ann, so it was interesting hearing it. And secondly, the narrator of this audio book tends to whisper a lot. Very annoying.

So all in all, I really liked it. And after all the dystopian romance I've been reading, I was more than ready for a happy ending.