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I listen to audiobooks while I flip houses. I also read real books which I buy incessantly.

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Free Four - 'Veronica Roth' Whatever editor thought of doing these little short story/novellas between books is an absolute genius. Give that guy a raise and a condo in Maui.

I'm not sure I really know Tobias any better. But I do have a better understanding of the way he viewed this particular scene. I read it after I read Insurgent, so I was already ahead of the game in terms of his character development. I really didn't learn anything new about him. But it was a nice peek.

This was a bit like the little mints I have after eating at my favorite mexican restaurant. Just a nice little piece of sweetness to finish off the main course. Anytime you get a glimpse - even a brief one - of someone other than the main character in a novel you love, it is a treat. And I do love treats.