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Unbreak Me - Lexi Ryan This book makes me wonder just what has happened to the New Adult genre.

While I love a good romance, I think a good one should be left at that - a romance. This particular book tries to incorporate statutory rape, unwanted pregnancy, illegal assault resulting in possible jail time and definite probation, adultery, cheating on partners (who are not married), alcoholism/addiction and the creation of a social pariah into just one story. That is a whole lot of dysfunction going on. Good grief. Talk about overkill!

And let's not forget the swoon-worthy guy who has a couple of tattoos, is a rock star, rich, has a criminal record and an unwanted/neglected/horrendous relationship that threatens his new love. What about this guy is new?

Put this together with the gorgeous girl who of course is flawed (see above) and of course, he falls for her, she gets over herself, and they live happily ever after. As she "lets out the breath she didn't know she'd been holding." Is that phrase required of authors now? Is that why it's in literally every single book I read these days?

Please. Let's just call it what it is, shall we? This is literary porn wearing a thin shell of psychological damage. Seriously? It's like throwing all that stuff in there is supposed to make it something we can rationalize as acceptable, when it is just porn, plain and simple. At least we should be calling it what it is and not letting it masquerade as something it clearly is not.

It was decidedly not for me. I have enough of an imagination (and a life, thank you) that I don't need explicit sex scenes described for me. Believe me when I say that nothing - nothing at all - is left to the imagination here. I'm not sure why the NA authors have decided to go there, but I'm not seeing any kind of difference between this and your basic bodice ripper. I wish I could read a book that was a good romantic story written by a man from a man's perspective. At least then I would know what to expect, and I could at least be surprised if it had some depth amid all the sex.

I'm not sure why this book is so highly rated. It isn't even well done, and the author would do better to lend her talents to something more deserving of them. Tackling even one of those issues with some semblance of respect to the characters would have been a much better use of her writing ability.