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I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella, Jayne Entwistle What a wonderful literary chocolate hot fudge brownie. I couldn't put this down; it was just wonderful.

I loved Poppy. She was conflicted and impulsive. She was optimistic to a fault and definitely a people-pleaser. And top all that with British and you have a character that I wouldn't mind having for a friend. (Of course, I would have knocked some sense into her).

Magnus was someone for whom I felt sorry. So many troubles, that guy. He was just stumbling through what he thought would make everyone happy. He was like Poppy in that way.

And of course Sam - the confident, sometimes cold, always pragmatic guy who's rich and good looking and basically runs a corporation. What's not to love?

Things really did move along, although there were lulls. But that was ok. It was always apparent that things would change quickly. And the suspense was there right up to the end. There wasn't much physical romance in the book, and that was fine because it was so British. Very reserved and contained. Just right for a young adult audience.

I would have given this a solid five stars, but I just felt that it was so much like Bridget Jones that I couldn't quite bring myself to do it. That said, this was just a terrific read, quick and entertaining, and completely engaging. It was just what I needed. xoxoxox