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Losing It - Cora Carmack What a fun read. It kept me interested, which is something I didn't expect. It's also a relatively quick read, so big big points for entertainment value.

The plot just takes off like a jet. If Carmack intended to grab her readers with some hot and steamy scenes, she certainly did it. You'd think this would be a bad idea and make the story incredibly short. But no, it simply laid the foundation for it.

There were the usual plot speedups and leave-outs and fabrications that make this fiction that is simply based on real life. But who cares? I cared too much about the characters to really fault it on that account.

I did like the characters. Typical college students, typical young adults with typical insecurities, second-guessing themselves, skirting the truth. But like I said - who cares? I was far too entertained to criticise.

Phoebe Strole narrates wonderfully. She has the kind of expression that really makes you forget that you're listening to only one person. The characters came alive.

So all in all, worth my time. And a very good time it was.