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Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices, #2) -  Ed Westwick,  Heather Lind, Cassandra Clare Honestly, I did not love Clockwork Angel. I did not expect to love this book. Boy, was I ever surprised.

First off, the language of the Victorian age is an absolute delight to read. I wish we still spoke that way.

The plot is deep and rich. Backstories are revealed, and things start to make sense with Will, Jem and Tessa. I could go on and on about the plot, the way things are not as they seem, and it still always seems to come back to the way these characters care about one another. There is such a sense of rightness about them; they want to do what is best for each other. Because of this, they hold secrets that wound them each deeply, sparing the others. Who does that in the modern day? They honor one another, they sacrifice for each other, they give their hearts to each other. And there is an equal love within the triangle of Jem, Will, and Tessa.

The audiobook is narrated by Ed Westwick and Heather Lind. Westwick is very, very good. Lind is also excellent at characterization, although I didn't like Charlotte's voice at all. That said, the audio edition is wonderful.

Read this. Just, read this.