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Legend (Legend Trilogy, #1) - Marie Lu, Mariel Stern, Steven Kaplan Move over, Hunger Games. Make some room on that YA Dystopian shelf.

I have been devouring YA Dystopian romance lately. Many of the authors I've read have been very young, and their writing has shown it. How refreshing to read something that truly finds the balance between "dystopian romance" and dystopia that has been graciously seasoned with just a dash of romance. Just enough. Perfect.

The characters here are clearly drawn. We know who everyone is as much as we want to know. The main characters are revealed layer by layer, which is exactly the way they should be revealed. And although some are formulaic, some surprised me.

I loved the ending, which left me both satisfied and yet looking forward to more. No cliffhanger, thank God. And no love triangle! There was the hint of one, but it faded into the central focus of the story. It was just enough to keep me interested.

I also liked the narrative going between the two main characters, told in first person. Having just finished another YA Dystopian which was told in third person but still went between the two characters drove me insane. If you're going to move between two points of view, then move between two points of view already!

The audio version has narrators, not really voice actors, so be forewarned. If you want the thing acted out, you should read it in print and leave it to your imagination.

Although I'm looking forward to Prodigy, I think I may wait until later this year to read it. I liked Legend so much that I don't think I can stand a cliffhanger that takes a year to resolve. That said, I highly recommend this book.