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I listen to audiobooks while I flip houses. I also read real books which I buy incessantly.

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Blood Red Road - Moira Young, Heather Lind After an endless wait for the audio version of this book to come to my library, I finally gave up and just ordered it from Amazon. It was money well spent. This is a wonderful book.

I listen to virtually all the books I read. That said, I get to hear voice actors and narrators do all the accents that would otherwise bother me if I were to read them in print. This is the case here. Once in awhile you get a boring narrator - but for the most part, books like this are even better coming from a voice actor.

So on to the actual story - I was never bored, not for a second. I loved Saba - she frustrated me at times, scared me at others. But overall, I loved her. She was so fierce and brave and vulnerable - and just like a real person would be in some situations. She was awkward at times. She'd be self-assured and then doubt herself and get embarrassed and react with anger.

She's a kick-ass heroine. I like her.

I hated the bad guys, I was filled with dread when she was captured and had her head shaved . The Free Hawks - I didn't love them, but I didn't have to love them. They did their job as far as the plot goes.

I loved Jack. The end.

This is every bit the great read that everyone has said it is. You will have a blast with it.