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The Host (The Host, #1) - Stephenie Meyer,  Kate Reading Well, I liked it.

I generally listen to, rather than read, a book. I try and do this on long road trips -- but this particular book I just caught pieces of as I was able. So at first, it seemed to go slowly. I wondered if I really cared about the story. But once I got a good long stretch of it, I was really interested.

I haven't read Twilight, and won't. I am not at all interested in vampires. That said, I don't know anything about Stephanie Meyer's writing style other than this book. I thought the story here was excellent, although it seemed a revamping of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," but much, much better. I didn't find it predictable, and I didn't find Wanderer a "Mary Jane" type of character. I loved the way Wanderer came to know being human.

The story did lag in spots. I don't think that was my constant stopping and starting of the book, but rather just a tedium of detail. Just about the time I was ready to give up on the story, though, it got interesting again. She does tend to draw things out for the emotional pull of it, doesn't she? The whole business about saying goodbye was rather overdone. I also thought the epilogue was unnecessary and rather a bit drawn out. Even so, it did tie things up nicely.

I'm not as excited about this book as I have been others. But it's still a good read. It will not waste your time, and you'll be both entertained and touched.