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Eve and Adam - Michael  Grant,  Katherine Applegate If you're looking for a witty, fun adventure, this is the story for you.

I thoroughly enjoyed Eve and Adam. This book feels a lot like a decent movie: the kind that's hot at the box office but getting only so-so critical (high-minded) reviews. It's got cool science, bio-tech, evil villains, romance, and the element of surprise. I have to say, I didn't expect the ending. It's a bit cliche, but the again, I had no idea who the bad guys really were until then. And I expected something completely different. Grant did a great job of keeping us in suspense until the end.

Eve and Solo, the main characters, were your typical teenagers. They were not, however, typical characters. Each had a distinct voice defined by deeper elements than I would have expected from a story like this. Eve was smart but not a genius. She was rich but not a brat. She was somewhat shy but not introverted or afraid. Because she was so, well, normal - she was entirely believable.

The same was true with Solo. He was smart without being a smartass, clever but also not a genius, self-assured about his abilities, but then clearly inexperienced with girls and easily embarassed. Ashlyn was a welcome departure from the brainless best friend. While she made bad decisions, she was a sympathetic character. So many of these stock "best friend blondes" are just fluff to show off the better features of the main character. Not so much with Ashlyn. In many ways, the opposite was true.

The plot was basic without being simplistic. It's like there was a basic outline, but the inner workings were complex. On the one hand, there is the whole "evil villain after the innocent kids" thing happening. On the other hand, the kids have some moral crises and conflicted feelings about what is right and wrong. So while the whole thing looks likes a formula from the outside, it was more complicated in its inner workings. And I found this completely refreshing. Just about the time I thought it was shallow and predictable, it took a different turn.

This author has written a slew of books, notably the Gone Series. This particular story doesn't look to be a series, and it doesn't need to be. It's just a fun book that will entertain you. You'll laugh and you won't be disappointed.