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Glow - Amy Kathleen Ryan, Ilyana Kadushin, Matthew Brown I started and stopped with this book, and then finally committed myself to it and finished it. I'm glad I did; it's a good read if you want true dystopia with plenty of action. I suppose the fact that it took some effort to actually get into the story says something about it beginning slowly.

It's funny - I rated it fairly highly because it's so well written. But I'm not sure I loved-loved-loved the story that much. Ryan pulls you in with the hint of romance and the idea that these are regular folks with regular lives, just aboard a spaceship. But then she shakes things up dramatically.

I think the thing that makes it so good is the fact that she takes the idea of Lord of the Flies and expands on it, and then combines it with kidnapping and pseudo-child abuse. It's drama drama drama but in a good way.

The other amazing thing is the way Ryan takes these innocent characters and puts them in situations that change them so dramatically. I may not like where she takes them, but I have to say that it's a slam dunk in the way she does it.

I loved the ending. I didn't love what happened in the very end - but I loved that there was a rescue and that wonderful tenderness between these two teenagers who have had to grow up so quickly. I think Ryan set up the ending for the sequel expertly.

All in all, definitely worth the time. If you commit yourself to it, you won't be disappointed.