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The Age of Miracles - Karen Thompson Walker I just finished this book, and while I can say it was very good, it just wasn't for me.

What kept me going was the writing. But I didn't really care much for the main character. I guess it's all these fantastic dystopians I've been reading - she's only 11 turning 12 and in the 6th grade. I kept forgetting that, and kept expecting her to behave more like a teenager.

And honestly, I didn't really like her personality. She just didn't seem that interesting to me. I doubt I'd have been friends with her in the 6th grade.

I think a good contrast to this book would be [b:Life As We Knew It|213753|Life As We Knew It (Last Survivors, #1)|Susan Beth Pfeffer|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1328012816s/213753.jpg|206925]. It's the same kind of story, but written in journal fashion with an older main character. I enjoyed it much more than this book.

I am tempted to call the ending of this book bittersweet. But it's probably better to call it resigned. It never sounded like Julia made any new friends. Sad, sad, sad. This is a very sad book.