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The Seven Rays - Jessica Bendinger Not impressed. Not, not impressed at all. Not a fan.

This really could have been a good book - the premise had a lot of potential. But it quickly degraded into a sad mess of stuff that really didn't connect at the end. Talented, smart girl goes slowly out of her mind? Mother is best friend and then suddenly becomes the enemy? What the heck was up with her mother anyway? Did we ever find out?

I was so disappointed, primarily because the story was so well set up. As I kept reading, I kept wishing I could just get to the end already. And then I did get to the end, which turned out to be just plain ridiculous. If you're going to attempt that kind of fantasy/sci-fi, then either do it well or don't do it.

Most of the characters were generally pretty flat. They simply weren't developed more than in passing. Several sounded interesting - but after learning a couple of things about them, we were returned to crazy/runaway/lost/gaga-over-the-boy/helpless girl. What a mess. What a huge mess.

I gave this 2 stars because at least it tried. Do yourself a favor and pass right over this one. There is plenty more great YA fiction to read.