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Everfound (Skinjacker Trilogy Series #3)

Everfound (Skinjacker Trilogy Series #3) - Neal Shusterman,  Read by Nick Podehl It's been awhile since I read this. I should have reviewed it when the details were fresh. But, it's still one of my favourites, and I'll be returning to it when my "to-read" list lets up.

I didn't like this nearly as well as the first two books in the series. But it brought the whole thing to a wonderful conclusion, so there you go. Who wants to such such an incredible story end? The adventure, the characters, and most of all, the wit. Oh, the wit!

The standard characters here continue to evolve. Allie, Nick, and Mary all keep learning, keep changing, keep growing. We get new bad guys, new good guys, new twists. And even with the loss of some major characters, the story makes sense. I could keep going, but it would just be spoiler after spoiler. Suffice it to say that if you've read the previous two books, you will not be disappointed with this one.

If I could sum up the entire series in one word, I'd say this: clever. This is, I think, the most clever series I've ever read. It is surprising, funny, and wholly entertaining. If they ever choose to make this into a movie franchise, they'd better do it right. Neal Shusterman, you're a genius.