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Dualed - Elsie Chapman, Alicyn Packard Well now here's a dystopian that has something to offer. It reminded me of Insurgent and Blood Red Road, and even Legend. We have a young impulsive heroine who has some priorities and the maturity to put her emotions aside to accomplish them.

OK, not really your realistic 15-year old, but this is fiction. And dystopian fiction at that. And on the plot side of things, we've got some Hunger Games action with the whole government-says-you-have-to-kill-your-twin thing.

This story was full of action and angst without being overmuch of either. What I loved was the plotting, the scheming, the planning of an assassination. I loved the way we were able to get inside West's brain. And the whole having to figure out how to beat someone that thinks just the way you do was a highly entertaining puzzle. On the down side, I didn't really see what being a Striker had to do with much. It seemed like unnecessary filler, and although the story moved well, there was a slowdown midway. And this had to do with the whole Striker thing. Fortunately, it picked back up at the end.

Chord was a character I liked most of the time. I do wish he'd be a tiny bit more take-charge with West, but he was there just enough to let us see how West developed. And West, while emotionally (and predictably) immature, made up for it in the responsibility department. I think it would have added to things if Chord had just throw up his hands in frustration with West. At least we readers would have had some emotional release.

There was no profound musing philosophy, not really many witty remarks. There were a few heart-wrenching situations. It was nice to have a few surprises, and not have everything be predictable.

So all in all, it was a great read. I'm looking forward to the sequel.