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The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - Jennifer E. Smith,  Casey Holloway This book gave me mixed feelings. I think some of that is based on the narrator, who was passable at best. The book was good enough for me to put up with her and keep going - but I still had some problems with it.

First off, I did love the story. It was sweet and romantic. Hadley and Oliver had wonderful chemistry. And I did appreciate that Oliver was as British both in custom and a general approach to life as Hadley was American. That contrast was refreshing and funny.

The story was well-paced. But for some reason, the plot device of flashing back in order to give a backstory just didn't work for me. It was done in a stream of thought way, and it was distracting.

I did not like the narrative mode at all. It was done in the present tense and third person, and yet we only got Hadley's point of view. It seemed to be unable to decide just who was narrating.

Despite my problems with the mechanics of the story, it made me cry, and I don't cry. Ever. The way it highlighted the deep pain experienced by children of divorce was tragic. Hadley's heartbreak over her Dad's betrayal was very real and moving. And the conversation they had about it was sad and full of emotion. It was honest and real. And I needed tissues.

But then Hadley seemed to recover and move forward in a way that seemed rushed and entirely unrealistic for a 17-year old. That would have been fine if the situation had been less tragic and the conversation between she and her dad less heart-wrenching. I could see her slowly accepting things as time passed after having had the conversation. But to immediately do so - and especially at his wedding - seemed like much too quick a solution to the conflict. I say this even though it was clear that Hadley and her mother had several months to move on. I wonder if your typical teenager would be so quick to forgive when finally given the chance for some sort of resolution. Depends on the person, but deciding to put away the bitter anger and then embracing the new situation seem like they should have taken a lot longer.

I expected a light read, and was pleasantly surprised when the story tackled such painful issues. Even though I thought said issues were handled less than expertly, I loved the romance. It was just right, ended wonderfully, and made me smile while reaching for more tissues.