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My Soul to Keep (Soul Screamers, #3) - Rachel Vincent Well if you're a fan of this series, you won't be disappointed by this book. This time, we have fighting the bad guys, romance and some betrayal thrown in for color. I couldn't put it down.

The characters just continue to grow up, literally. And they view things as high-schoolers would. Their behavior is appropriate for their age, which is to say that sometimes they're really mature and sometimes they're really childish.

And why they can't ask parents who love and protect them for help! It is maddening!

But that's teenagers in general, honestly. And the idea that anyone can innocuously fall into something so destructive so easily is an incredible picture of real life, teenager or not. I loved this whole thing with Nash. If you have anyone in your life who has dealt with addiction, you can empathize with Nash. Desperate people do desperate things. I don't think this guy can be more sorry.

Regret will also destroy you and tempt you to throw blame around like a baseball bat. Forgiveness is hard when people betray you. Rachel Vincent nailed this idea expertly. Watching Kaylee trying to deal with these things is a peek into her growth.

I wish Tod and Emma had bigger roles in this installment, but honestly the book was so engaging that I didn't realise I missed them. And for some reason I just adore that Harmony Hudson is such an earth mother who is constantly baking brownies and cookies. She just makes me smile.

I'm not sure what generic person Addison represents, but I can appreciate her nonetheless. My heart aches for this character. And yet I applaud Vincent over and over again because she is not afraid to scream from the rooftops that actions have consequences. Can we all be reminded of that enough? I think not.

As always, I am listening to these on audio and Amanda Ronconi is just fabulous. She captures every character spot on.

I am just devouring these books like chocolate. They are truly so engaging that you'll have to have them all.