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Forgotten - Cat Patrick You know, I wondered what was up with the reviews of this book that said "you had me for the first half, then you lost me."

I get it now. They're all exactly right. We were going along just fine, the whole forgetting thing's a mystery, the boyfriend is patient and kind and hot, and then . . . derailed train. I'm still sitting here thinking 'what happened?' What?

You've read the synopsis, which I will not repeat (and detest it when people do it in their reviews - duh, there it is right above in the description! Department of Redundancy Department!). But the synopsis doesn't give you any kind of inkling where this book is going to go. You just get taken there and then are left wondering, feeling cheated. Suffice it to say that we never get the whole condition explained in any sort of satisfactory manner.

I'm wondering what actual genre defines this book. It's decidedly not sci-fi. Not even really romance. Read it if you like and maybe you can tell me. But I can't recommend it.