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Dark Life: Book 1 - Kat Falls Somebody needs to make this book into a movie. It would make millions. It definitely has blockbuster written all over it (pun intended).

I actually found myself wondering "now what?" every time I thought the adventure was going to calm down. Not this story! I liked that Ty was only 15, Gemma was only around 15, and there was no overt romance. Just a bit - but very appropriate for their ages.

The world building was fantastic. The entire undersea community was amazing, from the visualization to the actual architecture and engineering. Kat Falls thought about this a lot - I was amazed at how so much of it made sense.

Although I didn't fall in love with the book, I do think it's fabulous. The non-stop action, the personalities of the characters -- I didn't find it predictable, athough I did figure most of it out. It never felt contrived at all. It was a fun ride.

I'm looking forward to a sequel. Nicely done, Kat Falls.