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The Death Cure - James Dashner Seriously?

This just wasn't my cup of tea. While so many YA authors are far surpassing their audience in their maturity, this one panders to it. Big bad organization with a cliche for a name. Action scenes drawn from action "soldier" movies. Crazy zombies.

Really, dude, just pick a direction. Either commit to sci-fi or your characters. But please, choose one.

I'd highly recommend this to our local high school librarian. The reason? It's a little boy's book. It's full of all the things boys love - stuff blowing up, people shooting and getting shot, guys who tough out their mortal injuries by just sucking it up. even pilot-plane guy who seems to have no trouble having money, inside information, or the ability to fly. Good grief. I felt like I was watching some version of "The Expendables."

So if you're a tween-age boy, definitely read this. You'll love it. Otherwise, don't bother.